Good story sells. And so, I thought.

Magazines, newspapers, films, etc are telling stories and they are being sold like hot cakes. Nowadays, people are being ‘sold’ by a good ‘story’ and not much of ‘facts’.

TV commercials are stories. Have you not wonder why they are effective? Facts are boring as well as overwhelming.

Of course, ethically, a well-told story should be supported with and by facts. But, facts should be interwoven in a good story to be effective.

In my quest to make money online, I learned that good story telling could make a difference in making money online. I have yet to make a decent income online, though. (LOL).

You’ve crossed some sales pages, I know. They are all telling stories on how successful they are by just using their newly found systems or programs. And mostly, people believed in them without giving attention to the disclaimers that are intentionally written in small letters at the very bottom of the pages. Few seem to care whether those stories are grounded in any factuality.

Good stories sell, I’ll say again.

I am convinced with this thinking. And I am starting to work on it. Let's see how far I could go.

A good story is a vital sales tool. This is an article that delves on this point. Here’s a paragraph of that article:

"How well does your sales organization use the story factor? Other than those glossy case studies produced by your marketing department, do your salespeople regularly share true examples of customer successes with prospects? Can each of your sales reps describe specific, real-life usage scenarios involving your current customers? These customer success stories are untapped knowledge in many organizations, knowledge that can be mined, managed and made available for everyone’s benefit.”

Indeed, it is true. It is helpful and powerful. If you want to know more, read the full article on how to craft your story as a sales tool. I dug a great idea TODAY. I hope you do too.

So, are you going to take advantage of the story factor?

Have you ever crafted your story as a sales tool? Share them here. Help me learn more and make money online.