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Hi, I am Tino and welcome to Money $ Work @ Home.

My father registered me as Florentino Bustamante Lorenzana 36 years ago. I like the name but just call me Tino. It builds relationships calling first name, huh? I am presently working as a manager of a co-operative somewhere in Northern Luzon, Philippines, and a blogger since 2006. I am proud of my being an Ilocano first and Filipino, second.

I started blogging just not to be left out of trends.

Let me tell you something about myself first on how I got started. I’ll keep this short so that you’ll not get bored (LOL). I was lured to blogging by some of my friends who maintained their blogs at wordpress and blogger. They did it for fun. I put up a blog so that I would not be left out. Just to say, I was not off trends. It was 2006 when I put up that blog mainly for my rants and ramblings. There, I posted all I could write without giving a damn on quality. I maintained the site with occasional posts.

Later, I got bored because I had no purpose for it. Then, I realized I have to put up something I loved, a literary blog. I hate ads, so I opened it at wordpress.com.

After years, a friend suggested of monetizing my blogs. I said: how’s that? And I was challenged and I found out that it was possible. After that I was determined to try my luck with making money blogging.

Actually, I, and that friend who introduced to me on how to monetize a blog, put up a site with a complete landing page dedicated for an affiliate program. It is giving us a decent income nowadays. (Strike this out. Damn it! We were scammed!)

Cut it short, Tino!

We are not earning millions like other bloggers. The Income is just enough to give us consolation and enough for site hosting payments, he he he. (And so this! Please see why at I WAS SCAMMED.)

Now, I put this blog to chronicles this quest of making money online. I would like to do it in a long way since I learned that making money online is not just that easy. Earning millions in a month is a fluke. How's that?

Do note that I am not an expert in any. Even my 15 years of working with the co-operative will not put me in that level. But, I discovered at least two affiliate programs similar to co-operatives or I would say: they're doing it in a cooperative way.

I am not an expert on this niche but I could claim that I am one of the ten (perhaps lesser than that) proud Ilocanos trying to make money online.

Persistence, consistency and commitment play major roles in this quest.

That’s it, try to enjoy yourself here and accompany me as I travel with this journey.