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When I put up this blog, all I want to do is to journalize my journey of making money online through a blog. As I stated in this site's About Me, one of my friends, after talking to me, put up a sales page and maintained it for awhile and I also reported that the sales page do gave us some dollars enough only to meet the cost of domain name and cost of a year hosting. That sales page (I will not put a link here because we learned later that the MLM we promoted sucks!) was dedicated for a MLM company and for some months we did have referrals that gave us commissions. As novices of this niche, make money online, we fell as victims of nicely worded sales pages, we jumped into the bandwagon thinking only what we get in return, that is, making money online BIG TIME! and without even analyzing and knowing the credibility of the company we were in.

As only consolation for us, the sales article we used was given by the MLM and we did not put our pictures and full names on that page. I just can't imagine how devastating for us if we did those things. A newbie blunder but it served us good.

For all those who happened to be part or lured in to our sales page, I regret being part of a scam. I was scammed too. We were scammed. We folded the sale page and we did learned our lessons the hard way.

And why I am telling this here? Well, if so happened that you dropped by this site looking for opportunities of making money online or for a simple reason of knowing some stuff that pays you while doing some internet writing or just by being curious of the thing: blogging for money, then you will take some extraordinary efforts to pick good marketing programs. Picking the wrong one will destroy your credibility especially so, if the first clients you have are your personal friends or friends of your friends and family members.

While doing some researches on this niche and by blogs hopping, I learned a lot. This make money niche maybe is dirty and crowded but there are also true people who made money online by helping others. They help people through their blog posts as well as their ebooks. But, be careful. Some ebooks are good, some are good only in sales pages. Remember that. I have already learned those things and they almost made me bankrupt!

Well, don't grab an ebook when they push on you too much by giving extra free credits or ebooks or programs or putting days counter before they pull off those stuffs. Those are legal marketing tricks: STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT! Mostly, these ebooks are good as junks. You could wait for some time and search for a review for those particular ebooks.

Well, we are too late a hero to earn extra money on this niche and we do not need to rush anymore. Let us try to learn and take the knowledge somewhere and there we will make money online BIG TIME!

While doing your research, grab only free ebooks from blogs or bloggers who are giving away their ebooks which they paid for some dear sums of money. I'd like to give you an example, Sir Russell Bravo of russelldotcom.com is giving away his collections of ebooks and he also posted an article about The Truths Behind Ebooks in his site. Go there and grab one.

I will also give you some free stuffs here. I love these books, Make Your Knowledge Sell and Affiliate Masters Course.

I will be giving away some more in the future.

I hope you've learned something.

Thank you.

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  1. RussellDotCom // October 14, 2009 at 5:50 AM  

    Wow! I thank you for posting this and together with my blog link. I really appreciate it! In exchange to that I put you in my blogroll..

    Yeap I'm from Pangasinan in Lingayen and Dagupan. Working in Alabang in the morning and writing articles in the evening. I believe your from norther luzon as well. How's the condition there?

  2. FBLorenzana // October 19, 2009 at 1:06 AM  

    Ooops. Sorry Sir for acknowledging your comment too late.

    Yap, I am from Pangasinan; Dasol to be exact but I am a resident of Tagudin, Ilocos Sur now. I am at Agoo, La Union doing some community organizing through cooperative movement.

    I also appreciate being at your blogroll. Could I make you my mentor in this blogging thing?

    Thank you very much.