In my last post, I talked about me being scammed and cautioned also people not to rush things because making money online is now crowded as niche for an online home business. And there are people out there ready to devour the unsuspecting searchers of money through Internet. Ebooks are given as gifts of overpriced guide of a guru or gurus.

Well, I just assumed those things. I was scammed, that's it!

It is innate to people of being curious. They clicked and still clicking links. So, be it. If nobody clicks, no one could make money online. Just avoid those landmines.

If you could see the links up above, those are Google Ads. These ads are oftentimes parts of any web pages, may it be dynamic pages or static pages. Well, I do clicked on those ads even though I know that some of them could lead me to sites that possibly offering me ‘get rich quick’ schemes promising me millions. Yes, I clicked hoping this one is different. There you go, an ad offering me of making not only $1,000.00 a month but $100,000.00. More, a new home business that could make money online without even spending any cost, a guru offering me to duplicate his system that gave him a mansion and a car. An ad like this could be the answer of one’s dream. But, WAIT.

Those ads could shatter your dreams forever.

Let us take a look of ways of limiting your chances of falling victim to another Internet business scam. You must do these first before going full blast with your Internet home business. I always do these. It is stupidity to fall into the same trap for the second time.

  1. Search with Google or Yahoo the name of the Guru/s who is/are offering you a system. Try to look for what other’s say about him/them.
  2. If the site is promising you a ‘too good to be true income’ system, the possibility of being scammed is high.
  3. Ensure that the program has a money back guarantee for at least 2 months or more for you to try the program and return it later if it doesn’t work.
  4. If the program says you could duplicate the system, think of the scenario that millions came to know the system first before you. You are competing with millions.
  5. Try to check the business if this is registered. Establish the authenticity of the business first with Better Business Bureau or the likes.

It is better to become skeptic first than to lost time and money with scam programs. It is hard to trust someone we do not know.

Lastly, the knowledge you gained from any Internet searches could not make you money overnight. It needs perseverance, commitment and constant learning to make it effective. Apply your knowledge to one business, duplicate it and expand. (I am still trying to do this, LOL.)

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