When I started this blog, I asked my blogging friend Jake F. Ilac to make a template for me. He made the Arapaap Template and I used it for awhile.

The Arapaap Template is a magazine type template and it is great for articles accompanied with images and videos. I decided to change it later without even acknowledging my friend's contributions to the evolution of my site. Later on, I used one of his premium templates called Premium Magazine but changed it again afterwards with this present template I got from eblogtemplates.com.

This is long overdue.

I should have posted here that I will change template.

And...I should have made a post thanking my friend Jake.

If you are making money online, don't be a victim of this indecisiveness. Make it sure that you should be sticking for some times on one template. And of course, before putting your site online, you must have decided what are the features you'll need and incorporate them into your template so that you would not change template in the long run. Changing site template is inevitable, though, when your site is going bigger.

Well, this post is to acknowledge the effort of my friend, Jake F. Ilac, for giving me his template s without even asking any in return.

Jake F. Ilac makes a hobby of making templates for blogger. You may visit his site TUGOT if you want to know more about his projects. Get your blogger template from Jake F. Ilac.

Thank you Jake and I am sorry for this late recognition. LOL

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