Twiter! Twitter?!

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From TODAY, I am starting an experiment on Search Engine Optimization. I dubbed it as KEYWORDS TERRORISM.

I am not a SEO expert and I don't aspire to be one either. But, as I read blogs, they are all stressing some points on SEO and SERP concepts. Whoaa! What are those?

Okay, I read some of the importance of those concepts but I just can't grasped how would I do it. So much so that this site is sitting on sub-domain (sigh).

Enough with this self-pity. I can't make money online with it. I have to do something-- bundle those learning I made from burning the internet with my waking hours.

If those people did it, at least, I could do 1% of what they have done and I will leverage that 1% every week until I could say, 'Hey, I am 30% of your work!'


defines terrorism as the use of violence to create fear or terror and deliberately target the safety of noncombatants for the purpose of gaining publicity for a group, cause or individual. As a disclaimer, I am not espousing any form of terrorism. I am using this term as SEO technique and I have to twist the definition as deliberate acts of optimizing keywords for the purpose of gaining publicity. One characteristic of terrorism is targeting key installations to maximize single quick action.

To start the project, I will use the commonly used and oftentimes misspelled word twiter for Twitter. Yap, twiter instead of twitter. As twitter gained popularity, more people are looking what is this all about. During the course of their internet searches, many people misspelled twitter as twiter. Let us accept the fact that most people are not keen on spelling. The possibilities of typing twiter instead of twitter in search boxes are high.

So, if you are here looking for twitter but you mistyped it as twiter, then kindly click here. Twitter, that's it, not twiter (LOL). If you want to see a sample of twitter page, here is my twitter profile. Do follow me.

What the heck is this all about? Of course, probloggers advised that bloggers, especially newbies like me, should be ridiculously strict on spelling. But, this is an experiment. People are looking for something like twiter, grab this opportunity to maximize your search engine ranking, give them the information and lead them to where they should be.

Now, what other keywords you know that you could terrorized? Give me your opinions. Help me.

Let's twiter this!

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