Charles Kao, Williard Boyle and George Smith were hailed by Nobel jury as "Masters of Light" for transforming communication from copper-wire telephony and postal mail to the era of Internet, Email and instant messaging. These three great physicists unleashed the Information Technology Revolution.

It is high time and right to give them that recognition. I am not here posting this article and you are not here also reading if not of their breakthrough discoveries.

Charles Kao's 1966 discovery on fibre optic made possible of transferring text, music, images and videos around the globe in a split of a second.

While Williard Boyle and George Smith discovered that they could convert lights into electrical signals in 1969 and invent imaging semiconductor circuit called Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) sensor. This breakthrough revolutionised photography as well as medicine. Let us thank them if we owned digital cameras.

These three were chosen last Tuesday, 06 October 2009, as recipients of this year's Nobel Physics Prize.

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