Today, 07 October 2009, is the 57th anniversary of the first patent of bar code. Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver filed the patent on October 1949 and was granted on October 07, 1952. You can read more about the Barcode or Bar Code at wikipedia.

And Google celebrates this by putting a Barcode in its homepage. If you haven't notice it, here is a screen shot of the Google Barcode Logo.

google barcode logoGoogle Barcode Logo
Barcode is the omni-present technical innovation that is seldom noticed or given attention to. Its importance is to put a distinct mark on anything with barcodes. Barcode was originally used to label railroad cars but evolved as useful tag in supermarkets and almost anywhere.

Coincidentally, Williard Boyle and George Smith, inventors of imaging technology using sensor called Charge-Coupled Device (CCD), were hailed as Nobel Prize in Physics Awardees. Their invention complimented the use of barcode or bar codes. Barcodes can be read by optical scanners called barcode reader using the the light sensing technology.

Google as always finds a way to celebrate great events. Google Barcode Logo is a good tribute to a very useful invention, indeed.

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  1. Eli // October 7, 2009 at 5:49 AM  

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