Okay, telling stories do help you make money online.


Just recently, I overheard my 11 years old son, Hans, telling something to his 4 years old little brother just to keep him away from his study desk. He said: When I was like you, Papa lulled me to sleep by his stories like how Bannuar (a folk hero in Ilocano) helped his village killed the great giant, Kabuntitiao, who ate all young children while pasturing their goats.

Hans stood up from his chair and did something like sky-walking, hands up in the air, then he suddenly grabbed his little brother on the neck and growled: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Kabuntitiao did just like that! Hans said.

Eman struggled a bit and run towards me. Scared!

I smiled. I opened my hands to embrace the kid who was scampering towards me. Upon catching his breath, he said: Do you really tell to Hans those scary stories Papa?

Yes, of course, but not all were scary.

Can you tell me some stories, too?

Sure, I will. But, you should be brave enough and promise to not to do something stupid. Keep away from your brother while he is doing his assignments or else 'Kabuntitiao' will eat you.

Okey, I will. Eman said.

And so, I made up some stories and lulled him towards sleep.


Well, from the above example, Hans got rid of his brother from annoying him while doing his homeworks. I also made a point to discipline Eman to be brave and not to do something stupid.

I lulled him to sleep.


And why I am telling you this?

I learned that telling stories could also change behaviors and kept some people stuck to you. You grabbed their attentions, created some emotions and inserted some lessons into the stories. What a great way to discipline your kids! Good stories stuck and the learning will be there for some time.

Have you ever wonder why BATMAN stories were sold like hot cakes?

Have you noticed that TV commercials are all stories of the benefits of merchandises being sold? All are good stories and at the end of the commercials are the products.

If your answers are YES, why not copy these to your online businesses?

Sales Pages are stories. Of course, not all of them do, but those sales pages that made money online are pages of stories, good stories if not great stories. Some are unbelievable, though.

Read them and they are all stories. Learn from them if you like to make money online telling stories.

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If you have time, tell your stories with me. Put them here below and I will link them to your site, if there is any.

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