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Again, again, again. This is another piece of storytelling. If you have a knack of telling good stories, give it a try. You'll gain more than you have imagined.

If I will tell you now that if you want to make money online or become successful with your home-based business anchored on the Internet, you should make sticky contents because content is king, optimize your site or article to land on the first page of any search engine or keywords play great roles, then, well, you'll say: 'Back off I already knew those things, give me something new.'

Or, you'll say, 'Okay.'

You're bored, isn't it?

But if I will tell a story on how I was able to realize that storytelling could make a difference and I will give a scene on how it had happened, probably you'll stick to me for a few more paragraphs.

So, here it is.



Last July, I had a chance to meet again my former professor who become my mentor, second only to my parents, of course, in everything I do. He didn't know it but I made him my model.

After more than 10 years, at last, we have had a good reminiscing time.

'How are you doing right now?' He asked.

'I am working with a cooperative and busy helping the poor', I said.

'Well, I read your posts in your blog. They're great but you stopped lately putting online your short stories, poems and rants. What are you so busy with, aside from your cooperative's works?'

I laughed and I sighed.

'I put up a blog hoping to make money least to make ends meet. But', I paused, 'I was stuck into it but I haven't earned 10 dollars. No one is reading it, I supposed.'

I was totally giving up. And the lights were fading out. Shadows were oneing with darkness.

Astonished he shook his head. I saw in Ariel's eyes that he couldn't believe what I said. 'No one is reading it, huh?' He said. 'How are you doing it? I mean, the way you wrote your piece, the tone, etc?'

'Well, I wrote it like a feature essay, like the usual article thing.'

'I think you are making yourself dumb!' He knocked me down with this statement.

'I'm making myself, WHAT? DUMB?' I almost shouted.

'Yeah, I mean it. You are dumb ass. Well, I mean, you have the knack of telling stories. Tap it. Show to your readers, not tell them.'

'You are writing short stories and poems but it seems you do not know the power beyond them.' Now, now, the accomplished writer of him was coming out.

'Stories are experiences, personal experiences and your readers could relate to them. Stories are authentic experiences. Good stories could suck readers live with the time in the story. Stories and readers could become one. Hence, stories could affect your readers' behaviors. Readers cry because the story is sad, they laugh because it is funny, they get angry because the scenes invoke anger. Stories create emotions and you could control those as the writer. Use it.'


'Stories, good stories or bad stories, are easy to remember. They stick. Have you not wonder why motivation speakers clicked to their audiences? Instead of giving lecture through PowerPoint Presentations, they use image-enhanced storytelling as medium.'

'Well, keep coming. Tell me more of you.'

'Stories are viral. Satisfied readers or listeners could repeat the story with their own version of it.'

Oh, the lights were flickering. Business signages were on, giving the area a glowing evening.

'Lastly, stories are subtle. You are only telling experiences not selling. But, selling is story telling.' He sipped his last drop of coffee. He stood and embraced me.

'I've got to go, the bus is coming. See you on December.' He flagged down the bus and waved his hand.

Whew! I did not have the time to thank him.

'Thank you, Professor.' I murmured.


Sorry, that was long. I hope I made some points.

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