Last Sunday, I brought the idea of de-cluttering our home to my wife. 'We are going to get rid some of our stuffs that we are not using anymore.'

Like a cornered dog, she barked at me. 'How can we get rid of those stuffs and have some money in return, aber?!'

She had a point. We are living in a small village and our town is not urban, either. So, selling those goods in a garage sale is not a good idea.

'Why not give some to our neighbors for them to put some in good use?' I said.

'Nope. I don't want to see our things being used.'

Having no idea on how to get rid of those stuffs, I gave up. But, having an internet connection gives a lot of leverages, I tried to search on how I could solve our problem. Suddenly, I remembered that I am already enrolled with TripleClicks. Their slogan, 'Simple, Quick, Easy: De-clutter your Home, Turn them into Cash', hit me on the nape.


I have a solution.

'We will sell those things online!' I shouted excitedly.

My wife is so skeptic in almost everything. She looked at me with her tiger-like eyes. She was waiting for me to explain how we're going to sell those things online.

'Well, it is something like this: 1) One must sign-up with TripleClicks. It's FREE. Since, I am already enrolled, I don't need to sign-up anymore; 2) One have to buy a credit for only 19 cents but, since, I am a member and have FREE 50 credits, we could sell 50 items online. Each credit is good for one item; 3)We are allowed to give sales pitch or descriptions for a single item summarized in 700 words with 3 pictures each of the items we want to sell online; 4) When someone buys our items, we'll be notified so that we could ship our items to the buyer; 5) Once delivery is confirmed, we get paid. It is easy. Just like that!' I said.

I have explained this in detail to convince her.

'TripleClicks is registered with Better Business Bureau, hence, it is legal and established business enterprise,' I continued to explain to her and to give her the assurance that I am not messing this up.

'And this is the greatest of all, in every sale we will make, TripleClicks will donate a portion to CARE, a non-profit organization that advocates poverty alleviation, women empowerment and awareness to climate changes.'

Our simple act could make a difference.

To cut the story short, we made available online some of our stuffs hoping to get a sale and make money online by just getting rid clutters at home.

You may do the same. Turn your clutters at home into cash with TripleClicks.

Or if you are having problem where to put your unused stuffs and if you are ready to part with them, turn them into cash, thus, make money online with this simple way.

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  3. Eihdra // November 9, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

    hey, you just gave me an idea on how to dispose a roomful of clutters!! I usually have a garage sale but then online selling is another way to get rid of them..Thanks!!

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