10 Steps To Strategic Blogging

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In the first few months of this blog, I made three posts I called Three Phases of Strategic Blogging:

1. MINDSETTING: The Key To Strategic Blogging
2. BRAINSTORMING: The Flesh of Strategic Blogging
3. ACTIONS: The Life of Strategic Blogging

Within these three phases, I enumerated 10 Steps To Strategic Blogging. I will enumerate them here in case you haven't seen them yet.

1. Determine the Purpose of Your Site
2. Determine the Content Ideas For Your Site
3. Determine Who are Your Competitors
4. Determine Your Audience
5. Determine Your Site Features
6. Determine Your Site Management Systems
7. Create A Timeline
8. Create Your Blog/Site
9. Develop Contents
10. Sustain the Benefits

But before we are doing these things, we must first look at ourselves, our TALENTS and our ATTITUDES. I will say it again: TALENT IS THE KEY, ATTITUDE IS THE DRIVING FORCE of all we want to achieve.

After we came to terms with ourselves, then there is the GOAL, the Goal Setting Activities or the number 1 in the list.

Whew! And why I am repeating these things here?

I think it is the time to revisit the GOAL and of course, if it is needed, RESET THE GOAL.

We oftentimes afraid to go back to our goal because we knew we failed along the way. But, this fear of revisiting the goal, more so, the fear of resetting the goal, will push us further away from our success and we are moving nearer to our impending doom.

I always come across with this: RINSE AND REPEAT. Yeah, it's true. But how?

Here, these are what I am doing.

1. Revisit Your Goal, reset it whether you achieved it or not.
2. Know Your Failures, make a list and arrange them according to severity.
3. Know Your Successes, make a list and arrange them according to frequency.
4. Reward Your Self, take a break and enjoy your failures and successes.
5. Share Them With Others.

That's it for now and thank you for all your time and patience.


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  12. Daniel Milstein // January 29, 2012 at 3:50 AM  

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