"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't
adjust the goals, adjust the action steps." - Confucius

Why I should have a goal and how I define it?

In my 15 years experience working with the cooperative movement which ranges from starting ups to credit management to microfinancing programs, I met people, particularly personnel, key officers and many entrepreneurs shunning from planning sessions. They hate setting up goals.

Do you avoid planning activities and setting goals too? Or do you know some people who hate these activities?

Goals are a must for anything you do. The world is crowded and the blogosphere is no exception. Without goals, you will have no idea of what you want to achieve and how. Without goals, you will be lost. You will find yourself wandering without directions. Goal is like a compass that sets the direction.

Why Should I define My Goals?

The question “Why?” reverberates every time I started a planning session with some of our personnel. And these are the 4 reasons I found as convincing answers:

  1. Goal Keeps You Guided: Goals act like maps. They set directions for you. Without a goal, it is like putting up a ladder to a wrong fence. Once you are up there and realize that you are at the wrong side, you lost precious time and efforts. Without a goal is like shooting basketball to any side of the court and you can never score. Having Goals solves your problem in a half. Goals keep you on target.
  2. Goal Measures Your Success: With clear goals in mind, you know how much you have progressed and how far you are from success. Goals set measurements of success.
  3. Goal Motivates You: A fulfilled goal is energizing. You feel a new energy within you if you complete a goal. It is satisfying.
  4. Goal Improves Your Productivity: With your new found energy after achieving each goal, you start for the next one with double energy. An inch closer to Success drives you more to accomplish many.
How do I Define Goals?

Here are some tips that will help you:

  1. Be Specific, Jot Them Down Clearly: Goals are not broad like “earning money online.” Give yourself a break; say “$1,000.00 for a month or $1,000.00 for May 2009.”
  2. Set up Growths: Remember the ladder. Your goal is to be at the top. Take one step at a time or should I say take one goal at a time. Success is a journey. Keep moving.
  3. Be Realistic, Keep Them Within Reach: Set goals that you know that you can make it. Do not aim high if you could still aim halfway.

Of course, if you defined your goals, go for it. Achieve it. Do not let the white bond paper gathers dusts. Put them to place where you could see it daily or better put it in your calendar as reminders.

It would be nice if I will be reading your notes below.

As a blogger, what are your goals? Have you defined them?

Thank you for your time.

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