While many of you are bloggers for some times, some were still disillusioned with their blog or blogs.

Just like me, when I started blogging, I started with this “Okay, my friends are blogging, then I will create also my site.” And so I created a blog. After few months, I felt unhappy with the topics. I was not generating traffic to it. I left off. Then, I started again another one. That blog is okay but again I realized that my blog is limited. So, I made a third blog, which tackles a plenty of topics. After few months, I noticed that some of my visitors were disillusioned. The blog has no direction.

What was my problem? My blogsite lacked planning and then, actions.

Blogsite needs Actions. That’s the Life of Strategic Blogging.

After a fruitful Mindsetting and Brainstorming, we will put those results into actions.

Seventh Step: Create a Timeline

This is basic in putting some Actions into Planning. In all that you planned, you need a timeline. A must have for bloggers. Create a Timeline to guide you through for everything you will do. Soon, you will need this timeline to monitor your progress. And of course, as part of a good Strategic Plan, this timeline prompts you whether you need to act for Plan B, Plan C, etc, and to keep you attuned with your goal at hand. You may divide your activities and short-term objectives into daily, weekly, and monthly timelines. Or if you are serious enough, give dates for each activity.

Eight Step: Create Your Blog

After you’ve decided to blog for a niche or for whatever topics, you need to look for a platform, a host for your site. You may choose from a self-hosted sites like Bravenet or wordpress.org or free host sites like Blogger or wordpress.com. You may decide also to put yours to one good site like sitesell. Of course, it all boils down to what is your purpose.

Whatever your decisions are, put your plans into action. Unless, you just let your hours of planning it go to a waste bin. Act now! Create your site.

Ninth Step: Develop Contents

This is maybe the hardest part of blogging, putting contents into what you have created. It is like living what you preach (laughs). But, if you worked on the first step, you already know yourself, that is, you know your talents and the things you love the most. Develop these, and you will find yourself writing good stuffs. Free articles maybe could help or inviting others to write for you will be handy but you need to create your credibility. Develop your Contents first, before asking others to help you.

Tenth Step: Sustain the Benefits

A good strategic plan, may it be for anything like blogging, should sustain itself. Blogging is not successful if it will not give benefits, for you and your visitors. Sustaining the Benefits for you will motivate you to go on. Sustaining the Benefits for Others will encourage them to go back to your site. A good site, good contents, best benefits make up an Exceptional Blog.

These 10 Steps for Strategic Blogging do not guarantee your success in blogging but these will help you for a good start. You are still the Big Difference.

Good luck!

Thank you for your time.

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