Thanks goodness, I’m off the hook of my boss. Just for now.

This is the problem of working for somebody. They owned you literally and figuratively. One must do something he called accomplishments to commensurate to what he earned. Damn! (Forgive me folks.)

Aren’t you sick of too much stress, or of compiling years of experiences or running after certificates of completions just to augment your income?

Is money only achievable by burning sweats from 8am to 5pm for 5 days a week?

Can we just work at home and care for our kids? Can we make money working at home?

These are several questions we may consider while we read this post, MindSetting: The Key to Strategic Blogging.

As I discussed with my previous entry about Talents and Attitudes, mindsetting will play a great role if we want to achieve something. I do a lot of mindsetting everytime I am facing some difficult tasks.

You need to go back to the questions up above if you haven’t made yet a list of your answers. I did this and it helped me a lot. You need to grab a pen and a sheet of bond paper because you may find them handy as we go along.

Try to inhale some fresh air. Oooops! No need to go and puff your breath out in a garden. Just close your eyes for a few seconds or some minutes if you have plenty of time to spare.

Jot down your answers. We need those things as we journey and those lists will serve as our benchmarks of success.

Now, I expect you got some answers. If you answered: “I don’t know”, try to go back a little down to internalize my little musing on Attitude. It will help you not just today but for the rest of your life. I hope so.

That is the beauty of mindsetting. Clean your mind and heart. Let all doubts fly away. You must believe to what you can and forget what you cannot. Know all what you have and don’t bother of what you don’t have. "Just follow your PASSION" says Ken Evoy.

Mindsetting is like removing cobwebs from your long abandoned room.


Now, you have talents and great attitudes to achieve something. It is great to know these things. Use them towards success.

Today, we need to have a plan for our business. Blogging is a business if you still remember.

Don’t worry it’s easy.

This is how I started a plan. All I need is my self-confidence. It will play an immense role in making decisions and motivates me to work for my goal.

First, I unclogged myself. It is like this. Just change your perspective towards your daily atmosphere as well as your surroundings. For an example, just close this window and go back to your desktop. Are you not bored with that old desktop theme? Change it! Grab your favorite image from the pictures you took recently through your digicam.
Maybe, you want to edit some.

Amazingly, ideas keep popping out from an inspired brain. Write them down. For me, I kept notes on a notebook. Everything I do, I put it in writing. I know I need them later on for an article or two.

Second, I do not forced myself to be perfect. Everything will be perfected later after putting some efforts in practice. Mistakes are part of a learning process. And so, this is it.

Mindset plays a great role in your online success. Don't forget this.

BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND. Sounds familiar, huh? It’s Stephen Covey’s concept. Not mine.

Now, let us begin with the Strategic Blogging process. Determine the purpose why you want to blog. Write it down. You may get rid of that pencil and paper, sooner, as you become master of your own.

First Step: Determine the Purpose of your Site.

You may visit my previous post on why I blog. It may help.

Take your time. This is the most important one. All will come into place after this. I am also a newbie blogger. Look at my site; it is not even self-hosted. I haven’t earn that much. We will all journey together.

Sorry to cut this off. It was a long one and I know you want some times to analyze your blog if you have one or some already or if none yet, just list some 10 goals and trim that into a manageable level soon.

If you're done, follow the next step at Brainstroming: the Flesh of Strategic Blogging.

Post your achievements below. It is great to know that I have companion on my quest.