Before continuing with my quest for money, I learned that blogging is a business. I was so damned that I did not even recognized this before. These are 10 reasons why you should start blogging.

Blogs have really evolve dynamically since they began as online journals. Today, they are used as means for self-publishing and some are aged to become practical ways of getting and giving information online. Blogs also evolve as ways of reaching variety of people.

Many people now have been blogging successfully for some years. May it be you are writing some articles, or doing some art works, or a mere enthusiast of images, videos and still images (pictures) or just opening up to the world all your rants and ramblings to whatever topics you want.

I owned five blogs and I am satisfied of what I am doing with them. I found so many benefits from blogging and if you don’t have one, I think, you are missing out something great.

So take a moment and consider these 10 reasons why you should have a blog. Some might convince you to start a blog of your own.

1. Blogging will help you grow

If you plunge into blogging, you will be overwhelmed by finding yourself interacting and of course, learning from others. You could open up to others and others will help you through it. You may also find a way of helping others in return. Remember the growing community of bloggers online. Somebody will help you out and you could help someone. You could develop your personality, skills and talents by becoming a member of this dynamic community through your constant association with people, who you do not know personally but have an established interactive relationship with. Personally, I learned to be organized through blogging.

2. Blogging can showcase your personality to the world

Your blog will connect you to other people who share the same interests with you. You could build real friendly relationship with others through blog contents and perhaps generate some great numbers of fans as well. They would like to know the person behind some great posts, of course. Build yourself and start connecting now!

3. Through blogging, you could express your own views

Blogs are made for conversation. That’s it. Use it through a dynamic and productive communication. Your views will be heard, as like others as well as mine. Your opinions are important just like others. And others have their blog, so you must have one. If you are an 18 years old kid or a 90 years old pensioner, it doesn’t matter. You need to be heard, that’s all. Have a blog.

4. Through blogging, you could teach others.

You may have a radical idea but others do not know about it. Express it. By expressing it through your blog, you may help others or create a difference. One of the greatest things with the Internet is that you could share ideas instantly. You may have some ideas that others could use for so many years to come. You may inspire others so let it out.

5. You could use blog to explain your talent

If you have a talent or a skill, then, blogging will take you somewhere. With your blog, you could explain it thoroughly, step by step, in you own words and in your own pace. There is no limit. You could express it the way you like and have all the comfort on how you will express it. Be distinct, though, and perhaps, concise.

6. With blog, you can be with a community

Blogging expands your horizon. You will find yourself in a community you may belong through expanding your links. It is truly satisfying finding yourself you belonged to a community who shares the same passion as yours. And how much more if you heard them expressing their satisfactions and appreciations of your works? Expand your horizon, now.

7. With a blog, you could refine your craft

Anytime you express yourself to a group of people, you will improve your craft, in writing your articles or in doing some researches. People expect quality work all the time. So, blogging forces you to always seek for quality. New ideas will always be at par with previous concepts or perhaps, better if not the best.

8. Blogging keeps yourself current

Few people want history. They keep looking for something new. So, blogging forces yourself to look for something fresh.

9. Blogging creates opportunity for you

This is maybe one of the important reasons why people have blog, to be at the door when opportunity knocks. Keep yourself up front, first. There are some examples of people who started up with a blog and then ended up connected or in partnership with some promising businesses online. Keep up with them, today.

10. Blogging is a business

Tired of having a fixed income? Or are you tired getting rid of your boss? Start a blog and have a business. A year from now if you do not start right away, you will find yourself saying: “Money was right at my finger tip but I just let it slipped away.”

Now, I know why some people are seriously blogging.

Let us take the #10. It needs serious consideration (all the others need also considerations but I will focus on this one) and this is the only course of my money quest. Since it is a business, I need to have some planning.

! If you do not know how to start, keep your self posted with me and we’ll journey together. I am a newbie also just like you. Don’t jump into the bandwagon if you are not ready. Post some comments below, instead.

I will post soon on how I planned for a site/blog. Or, if you have good ideas on how to do it then, you'd better share to me and lessen my load. Can you?


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