One of the purposes of this blog is to chronicle my quest on how to make money in a click, at work and/or at home as I stated at the sidebar of this site.

One way to achieve this purpose is to put my site at the first page of a search engine. Today, 29 April 2009, I used the Yahoo Search.

At least my site landed at the first page for keywords: money work home Philippines, for "work at home" at Top Blogs Philippines and for "make money online Philippines" at Top Blogs, too. You may look at the image below:

For Yahoo Search:

Amazed, I clicked the Top Blogs Philippines & Pinoy and I found out that my site landed at no. 9 for keyword: "work at home".

Money & Work @ Home at no. 9:

After that, I clicked again the "make money online" on Top Blogs Philippines. Here's the result:

Money & Work @ Home at no. 27:

I just joined the Top Blog Philippines & Pinoy last 24 April 2009. And after only 6 posts, I did it. Amazing! I left this site since then and I visited just today.

How I did it? I don't know. Maybe the keywords.

Ooooopsss! We need a plan for a blog. We will post some for that sooner.