Money At Your Finger Tip

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Money at your finger tip?

It is too good to be true. But it must be real!

People can say that they owned the money if they do have power over it. But oftentimes, if not always, we say: "It is already at my finger tip but I still lost it!"

Then, we may have the GENERAL RULE:

Know how money comes to you and know how to control your money to keep more money coming to you

Oftentimes, we do not know either of the two. And, we end up THE LOSER.

So, this is it. I will anchor my money quest with this general rule.

Do you still remember the last of the five hard ways of earning money? If you missed it, then you may go back a little further and that you will know that Owning a Business is still part of the hard ways.

(LOL) You may noticed here that I am writing at second person perspective. I am imagining that you are here reading my articles. I will seldom use the first person perspective as not to give you some sense that I am an expert of this thing. I am not.

I will be using the 'YOU' because I know it will be nice having established relationships with others. You may want to know something about me also as I would like to know you further.

Now, let's go back to owning a business. In conventional way (of course, using internet is not conventional for me), one needs a lot of money to start a brick and wall business. You need to shell out a lot of money to make an impact to your chosen business. Definitely, this is an example of directing your money and controlling how money flows to your banks. It could also a great example of money at your finger tip.

You may like a traffic man giving stop signs and go signs. It is very dangerous of course and very tiring.

But, is it possible of having a business without doing that thing? Maybe. And this is the purpose of my money quest.

There are plenty of people out there claiming to be earning all that thousands with lesser time spent and with minimal investments. And they seemed enjoying the fruits of it by showing their big mansions at their sites and some are enjoying their vacation with their families.

How's that? Well, we will find out as we go along.

I know it could be done. Money at your finger tip is possible.