As I promised you in my previous post, "Who Wants Money?", I will start first from the hard ways in making money, but of course, it all depends in your preferences. Now, I will make a list according to my own experiences.

1. Begging for Money

This could be the easiest way for some but I put it here as the hardest. Begging for Money is not as easy as you could imagine. It burns your self-esteem. You will lost all what you have including yourself if you start begging for money now. You are nothing; you become nothing. You lost everything, your family, your education (if you have some), your beingness, and your pride. All. You owned nothing but your instinct to live for another day. It is not worth a single penny giving all what you are.

2. Working for Other as Slave

The only difference from the first is that you have a boss who gives you sure income. As a slave, you could eat some good meals, have some money, maybe some decent clothes, as payment for becoming subservient. In exchange for money, you lost your freedom.

3. Peddling for Other’s Products

This one maybe is good enough for others. You should walk extra ten miles to market your products to some, you thought, prospective buyers but, at the end of the day, all commissioned you earned are not worth the fatigue you forced unto your self. Maybe you are in full self-esteem to market somebody’s products and maybe you have all the freedom to exercise, but the costs are not worth the penny you received.

4. Getting Employed

We almost found ourselves with this particular one. We do not worry of losing ourselves in the process. We do work according to our job descriptions and responsibilities. Perhaps, we have our freedom and maybe, the services we rendered are worth the salaries we received every end of the day. However, the problem is, we are always at the mercy of our bosses. We wait for that payday before we could have something for ourselves.

5. Owning a Business

Maybe all of us want to have a good and earning business. Doing it in a conventional way, of course, entails some hard works and sometimes could not make it without sacrificing too much, which may include your health and your family.

Now, that I enumerated some to the hard ways, to which some of you may disagree, let us start looking for some easy ways that will not sacrifice your beingness, your freedom, your health and your family.

You may suggest some ways. But my idea is having a good business just at the tip of my finger. So keep accompanying me in my quest for some easy money.