Who Wants Money?

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The title of this post could be easily ignored and be considered as a fluke or a spam. But, of course, this is always an interesting question.

“Who wants money?” This question always attracts attentions, a head-turner. People always look for easy money and tend to answer: Me!

Who does not want money, anyway?

All of us want money; we need money. But, almost as always, we find no easy way to earn. And now, here I am blogging “money in a click” or “money at your finger tip.”

There are some easy ways to have money but we always want shortcuts to it. We tend to take those shortcuts and sooner, we found ourselves amidst of chaotic efforts with no foreseen results. In the end, instead of earning more money, we incurred losses.

My next entries will be dealing on hard ways to have money. May we look unto some samples if, presently, we are stuck to it.

It is better to appreciate first the hard ways in order for us to innovate, create innovations, and maybe we could say to ourselves that we do not want to go back to hard ways when we found someways of having that easy money.

"Money & Work @ Home" could be one of the answer. So keep in touch.