My Money Quest

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I've been reading through hundreds of websites and blogs full of tips on how to get rich quick, off the internet or plainly doing some stuffs at work places, and even while socializing. I've been reading also some self-help E-books that openly claimed that you could get rich in just a click if done according to their ways.

I am going to chronicle in this blog my quest to put some of these methods I've been reading about to the test, and see if I can really earn some bucks if I put my mind to it.

Obviously it's going to be a tough call to make money in the first month. So, the idea is that I will keep on searching and testing new tactic for making money online every week or maybe everyday for the first month, and post about it here. Blogging it every day will be my motivation for sticking to the job but if I could not do it, maybe weekly. For the second month, I should be earning to prove that something really achievable. In the third month, I hope I already made enough money to buy a domain to host this blog. So, stick with me and you might pick up some good (or bad) ideas for making money online or offline, too.

Hopefully this blog will give you some good of tips. And if you want to share the journey with me, you might as well want to create your own blog and let us journey together. My main position is that I'm not going to shell out cash for anything, except perhaps advertising, we'll see. The objective is pure gain; all cash in, with the exception, of course, with my monthly electric bills and my Internet connection bills.

Weekly or as I could have time (I am presently employed so I could not assure you that I could blog new post everyday), I'm going to explore a different avenue of earning on the Internet, and I will keep you posted on the success and failure of each attempt.

If I will earn much with this exploration, I will tell my boss: “Boss, you keep me like zombie, I quit!”

So, let the journey begins.