Before I will continue my quest for money, I will first set some tones on money. Please read through…

In our everyday lives, we tend to look for Money. All is Money!

We all want money! Can you tell me somebody does not want money?

But why we need money?

People die for money. People kill each other for money. Some people lick other’s ass for money. Bad and good people need money. Money is powerful and all seem entail money.

Now, let us examine ourselves, what this question of money all about? Look around you. Then, in some seconds close your eyes and think everything around you that are not associated with money. Nothing! Maybe the air, the sun, the trees? But, are they really free?

You need to pay a big fat sum of money to enjoy air and the sun, nowadays. You need to shell out much money to ensure that trees are there if you want to look for their comfort.But, why people love money? Money gives all material comforts, luxuries, makes dreams possible, gives fame, noble titles; give powers, and all the things you want in this universe. Money gives pleasures and almost everything, that is why people crave for money.

Money also makes difference. If you need money, no one volunteers to give you some. Some good-hearted neighbors maybe could give you a little. Some banks may trust you some amount.Because of money, some acted like jackals and some acted like robots for other people. Jackals who lost their money will become like tamed puppies and some poor people who gained money will become like kings, superstars. Money changes people so rapidly.Money, after all, makes nobody as somebody and somebody becomes nobody!

Money makes the difference, after all.