Just this morning, a sad news came out that former Philippine President Corazon Aquino is dead.

I will make this post as a tribute to a wife of a martyr who gave up his own life to rally his people against a dictator.

Though, the democracy gained by our people was usurped and is being usurped by the people who gained their freedom, gained back their businesses and their old political turfs from the dictator-Ferdinand Marcos, I still believed that Cory Aquino had played a great role to what we--Filipino--have today.

It is just very sad that life today is still the same life with the Martial Law. The only difference is that corruptions and martial rules are not anymore controlled by one family but the oligarchs who gained the most freedom from the first EDSA People Power (the only People Power that I believed).

The democracy espoused by Cory Aquino never came down to the masses.

Nevertheless, I will always cherish the memories of that Yellow Ribbon Icon.