How To Make Money From Online Journalism?

With the recession still in full force, many people have decided to write for online journalism sites for another source of income. Here are some common ways and some good sites that will help you make money from writing articles:

1) WEBSITES THAT PAY YOU--The following websites are good ones that will pay you to write,,,,, Some of these sites allow you to republish articles from other sites--some don't. Check with each individual site to learn their particular submission guidelines.

2) WHAT TO WRITE--Write on topics that people are interested in right now. It's the recession, and jobs are scarce so write on topics like: "How To Get a Job during the recession", "How to start a recession-based business", "How to make money", etc. Just think about certain topics that people are interested in right now.

3) HOW OFTEN TO WRITE--Making money from online journalism is not an easy endeavor. You're definitely going to have to put the work in. I recommend writing 1 article for each of these sites 5 days a week--ehow, associatedcontent, bukisa, triond, groundreport, and firehow. That way by the end of the year, you'll have well over a 1,000 articles on the intert and a nice residual. Good luck everyone!

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