This is simple but maybe the hardest thing to do: “Developing a Proactive Mindset and an Exceptional Attitude.”

I will be repeating myself but I believe it is worth taking some time focusing on this aspect if I want to succeed in every endeavor I have to do. The biggest hurdle in my money quest online is my own mind.

As always, I want to accomplish something or simply getting things done as fast as I can. However, am I doing the right things and doing things right?

I put it above that this is simple in words but putting it into action needs determination.

How about you? Do you have Proactive Framework of Mind and Exceptionally Win-Win Attitude?

Motivation is not a problem because we always have the urge in the beginning of any task. In the Philippines, we simply called it “Ningas Cogon.”

The fire burns so fast and big but later it will slowly die. Having this said, I have experienced two mental devils killing the fire: Self-Doubt and Distractions.

Self-doubt erodes everything we achieved. You could only reach far as far as your foresight. If you expect to fail, then the probability of failure is great. Attitude determines whether you succeed or not. Kick that self-doubt. Say you can do it!< class="fullpost">A developed Proactive Mindset and Exceptional Attitude filter out what you don’t need to know. I would be confident in saying that there's hardly a single online marketing tool or process that will surely ensure success. If it’s not mentioned in this journey, there are valid reasons.

If I will not include them here, some are too risky, or should I say, they do not offer what they are chirping about or some are too difficult for someone starting out. The trick is to focus on doing the things in a methodical way.

If you know some ways, you may post them here below. I would love to hear them from you. My next post will tackle this in detail. So, keep me in company in this journey.

Thank you for your time.

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