My last post talked some preliminaries on developing Proactive Mindset and I promised to post it in details.

I know you want to start right away. I’ve already learned my lessons from that instinct of READY-AIM-FIRE. It did give me nothing good, or it did not bring me goods. Right mindsets lead you to success like this. You will later return here and say WTF! to me if you’ve proven that I was wrong.

Be patient and take your time reading every words and concepts along the way. Don’t skim. You will miss a lot if you missed some details. This is not only for your online business but also for your personal growth. Take it or leave it. I will not be the LOSER.

Take a deep breath and internalize the following concepts.

Positive Attitude-“I can do this!”

When I learned this thing, I can tell you straight that if ever I met failure, I can only take it in stride. I have a positive attitude. This is my driving force. If I say I can make $1000.00 in a month, I will do it. And along the way, if I did not make it, say I accomplished only $800.00, then with positive attitude, I will say: Next month, I have to make $1500.00

With all the tools at hand, I believe I can. Positive Attitude drives me to success. What you only do is guarantee yourself that you can.

Commitment-“I commit myself to my outlines, guidelines and timelines.”

When I was starting with my career in cooperative management, I was always looking for excuse of making shortcuts. I could not appreciate committing myself to a set of guidelines and timelines. I had more failures than successes along the way. Trust the people who set the guidelines. This time trust me. Do the guidelines. You will not lose anything but gain everything.

Will to Learn-“I am reasonably open to new things.”

Great. I can’t say anything if you are reasonably open to new things. Use your reason. Digest every new thing but focus on the set guidelines and your goals. “Click here and get rich” solutions could be tempting. But, I know it doesn't exist at all.

You do not need to learn everything. Some successful businessmen in conventional companies to online businesses are not expert of all fields. There’s no need to become expert of everything. Follow the steps that I mentioned. That will be a good start. Try to do it with all your best and stick to it if you proved it best.

Consistency-“I will do it regularly and let things predictable.”

For all successful people, the only common among them is consistency. If they prove that this thing do them good, they do it with passion and all the way. If a company gained its reputation on its customer services, do you think this company will leave that strength? I don't think, it will. The company will stick to it believing that it would work for them. Write it in stone, stick to it.

Focus-“I work when its time to work, I play during playtime.”

If you want to succeed, focus to one activity at a time. Don’t mix it. Both will become unproductive. Be consistent, be focused.

Develop your Proactive Mindset-“I can, I am willing, I am consistent, and Iam focused, so I will do it.”

I was almost tempted of putting this into negative phrase: “Change your Mindsets.” Changing maybe is good because it calls actions but on the other side, it is negating something that is not good. (Laughs!) Develop what is there. Develop your strengths, make your weaknesses to strengths, develop opportunities and make threats as opportunities. Develop your Proactive Mindsets, that’s it.

This is our blueprint. I know, if you could do this and all of the above, you will start earning $1000.00 in a month. Some others did it, why couldn’t we?

Soon, I will be posting about the old Four Quality Quadrants. If you got something worthy on this topic, share it below. You can help others.

I am also working on choosing blog flatforms and niche. Keep posted.

Stay with me as we journey. Happy mindsetting.

Thank you for your time.

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