Why most wanna-be-marketers failed?

Before plunging deeper to making money online from the comfort of your home with your lovely family, choose your niche. If you reached this far with this site, you are now mentally prepared with proactive mindsets working at home and exceptionally developed win-win attitudes to earn money online.

I've researched that the problems of new bloggers are putting sites at once without good planning and choosing a perfect niche and going live with few contents (like this site ha ha ha!).

In my quest of making money online, choosing a niche is one of the most difficult tasks I experienced.

During some business plannings that I conducted, I always started with a question. Today, I will present to you one: why most wanna-be-marketers fail?

It is easy to choose a perfect niche if we know why some people failed. Knowing these facts, you are able to get into the right niche and your journey to success is lively!

How can we tell if a certain niche is right or wrong?

Let us take a look.

1. It is not so interesting.

Some wanna-be-marketers fell to the lure of noble causes, too broad concepts. Preserving some kinds of butterflies could be a noble cause, but how many people share your passion? Probably there are hundreds but it is limited. (Tell me if I’m wrong.) Collecting butterflies and use them for arts could be good but you are inviting curses into your site. You are killing butterflies. Then, how do you know if a certain niche is interesting? Research it! How? (I will make a post for that later.)

Or maybe, you, as the site owner and content maker, have limited interest to the niche. How can you urge people to come to you if you, yourself, is not interested? Your visitors will feel your enthusiasm.

Not interesting niche is not profitable. Try it and your site will be like a memorial park. (LOL)

2. It's everybody’s haven.

Some wanna-be-marketers fell to the ‘in’ thing bandwagon. If there are too many people interested on that niche, then there is ‘too much competition’ on it. Competition is good but too much competition will kill you if you are just starting up. If you think you could topple one of the top ten competitors, then go for it. If you think you have an edge against some of them, do it. Guts will not give you money. However, humility pays some.

You have to attack a part of the niche that is not too competitive. Target some part of the demographics. For example, mostly are into cancer. Then, target part of the niche, i.e., leukemia.

3. It is not profitable.

Some marketers who failed in their business chose niche that is not so profitable. There are some niches that look perfect but they have limited products. There are only few advertisers who are into them. Some niches are generating too many interests into them but CPM and CPC are so low. If you could afford to be in these niches then try them but I dare you not to do it.

Do you know something about anything? A hobby? A Passion? Any Interests? Experience? Okay, fine, but how to research if a niche is profitable?

Site Built It! helps me a lot. I frequently visit them.

Thank you for your time.

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