Are you into blogging? What can you get from it?

Some people will say that they blog for sheer passion only and do not care about traffic, readership and monetization. Then so be it.

But, here are 3 reasons you get in blogging.


Once you put your ideas in your blog, you will soon have some followers. Of course, you need to be unique or out of the pack. Passion, yes, passion will give some upper hand. Just be honest to what you are saying. People will soon realize that you have something to say or you have some information they need to know. While you are posting in some unique ideas, you are building your credibility and soon become an authority in a niche you have chosen.

Ken Evoy of Sitesell have something to say about PASSION here.


While keeping yourself in the open through blogging and with some social media network, you are creating a brand for yourself. Yes, yourself. With your credibility, you become an authority and slowly making a brand of yourself. Just be aware though that making yourself as a brand will forever stick to your name.

Other way of putting a brand through your blogging activities is selecting a niche or putting up your own product in the internet. Branding will not come in just a day. This is a long process. Just keep that faith alive.

Caroline Middlebrook made her name as her brand. You may learn from her, enroll yourself with her course (it's free) and she will guide your through every week or buy the complete course if you want to work at your pace. Enroll here for Bloggers Bible Course.


After achieving some kind of authority, it is time to monetize what you have work for some times. Put up your own course or e-book. Or, you may select to become an affiliate for some affiliate programs. Depending on what you prefer, you may use Adsense. It is also easy to use. Just sign up at Google.

But, do not be swayed by an instant money pitch. They'll suck you alive. Get legal or get cheated, that's it. There are some good affiliate programs that are giving some trainings for their affiliate on how to make money online. These programs will email you everyday or every week to accomplish their courses and in the end, you will receive credits for every training course you accomplished. These programs do not email you promotional materials or sales pitches. They are true to their selves.

Aside from Darren Rowse, John Reese, Mili Ponci and Caroline Middlebrook, I learned a lot by joing the affiliate programs of Sitesell with its Make Your Site Sell and SFI through its 30 days Launch Pad. You may visit them or sign up as their affiliate. If you do it, just use my link and I'll be part of your team.

Make no mistake-blogs can give you a decent income! You don't need to have a gigantic followers. But of course, more traffic more possible leads. But, content is still the key. I believed so much with Ken Evoy and if you want to know about CONTENT AS THE KING, visit him.

Thank you for your time.

I appreciate very much if you could drop some comments below.

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  1. RussellDotCom // June 30, 2009 at 12:39 AM  

    A very basic nice info for beginners. Keep up and Thanks Tino!

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    Thank you also for the visit. Yeah, this blog is for beginners...