"Today, what can I do to best help the largest number of people? Why should I?

When I first put up this blog, all I want is to know personally how this hype of making easy money online works. And that is why my first blog post was MY MONEY QUEST. But, of course, in the background, I want also to make money online so that I could help for the hospitalization of my mother who is suffering with non-hodgkin's lymphoma.

And after two months, all I have with this site is an over a hundred dollars (LOL). But, I can't complain because I know that those people who put up landing pages and claimed to be millionaires in some couple of days are doing these things for almost over 10 years. Few internet marketers would accept that fact because they want to rake in millions of dollars from unknowing but willing seekers of fortunes.

And the arrogant fact is that they are claiming to have help the largest number of people!

Am I disillusioned with my money quest? No. Instead, I will go deeper into it. Can't you not get the lesson from the above paragraph? Successful marketers never quit. They did that for 10 years and now they are raking some fortunes.

I as am digging deeper into this quest, I came across some good concepts which I realized I've been doing some of them for quite some time now. And what is that? The platform, the foundation of wealth.

Think Right NOW! Just think and keep thinking, that's it.

But, what keeps me thinking? Hey, keep asking questions, good questions. And one of which is: "What can I do to best help the largest number of people.?"

I hope you got it, right.

People keep searching the web for information, information and information. Give them what they want.

And again, I came into the point that what keep people doing something is not their WILL POWER but the POWER OF WANT.

WILL POWER is a metaphysical thing but WANT is something very basic and often is tied up with feelings. And how's that?

When I feel hungry then I want food, then I have to do something, eat. Then, put that into a higher plain, a decent meal. Then, I realized there is no such thing as free lunch as the old saying states. So, I need money. To be able to have money, I have to work. So, if I got some money, in this case, I'll buy food, err, invest it in business and let my money works for me.

So what!? This is what I want to say, know your wants, recognize your feelings, keep asking good questions, work for solutions, keep thinking another questions and keep answering them and in the process, you improve your life and ways of living. Wealth will come to you and not the opposite.

And so, this is what I dug in two months:

"I am making myself worth more each and everyday."