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Before going further with this blog, I would like to pay tribute to one of my blogging friends.

He is an Ilocano Fictionist, a Poet, a Tech savvy and a Webmaster.

He had already published some good literary works in the Philippines. He developed some free and paid templates for Aside from that portfolio, he is doing some consultancy works as well as engaging in business-The Butterfly Art.

He designed the template of this site. He called it as “Arapaap Template”. Arapaap is an Ilocano term for dream or aspiration. My stop lymphoma cancer advocacy site is using his Premium Magazine II Templates (it is not free, of course) and soon I will be using the Namnama (Hope) Template for my literary blog.

Arapaap Template is designed from his tinkering with Justin Tadlock’s Structure Template originally published for wordpress. All his designs are carrying colors that represent his Ilocano culture. The green is for the lush green nature of Northern Philippines; the earth brown represents the soil to which Ilocano folks referred to as “Ina Daga” (Mother Earth) and the blue color that always represents the abundance of hope.

For all the templates that he already published, one of the good components is its image friendly design. For all those bloggers who would like also to monetize their sites, his designs are also Advertisements friendly. It is customizable for Affiliate Programs.

The name of this talented friend is JAKE F. ILAC. If you are interested for his templates or his butterfly arts, you may visit him and drop some comments at TUGOT or Premium Magazine II or at Magazine Templates.

Thank you for your time.

I appreciate very much if you could drop some comments below.


  1. Jake Ilac // June 3, 2009 at 4:06 AM  

    Wow! Thank you for this! I'm still on the process of fixing my computer hehehe.

  2. FBLorenzana // June 3, 2009 at 3:28 PM  

    Thanks for dropping by, Jake.

    This is not enough to appreciate your works. I and Eli of blographics initially talked about an internet venture. We decided to have you in. How's that buddy?

  3. Jake Ilac // June 4, 2009 at 9:24 PM  

    Well, that would really be a goodnews hehehe. Please email me for further details of this project.

    I think no Ilocanos has yet venture on this field. We could be the pioneer hehehe.