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How I chose my blog platform?

I was struck by this question when I was starting out in blogosphere. Answering this question helped me in my decision-making concerning my internet presence and I always raised this every time my friends and I are brainstorming for a possible site/blog.

With this as our staring point, we came out with some other questions to consider while attempting of coming up some answers to the abovementioned query. Here are 5 questions we always asked to ourselves. Of course, there are other questions you might meet along the way. Let us know if you have some other ideas. You might help others with your comments.

What are Our Goals?

I already mentioned some 10 reasons why somebody starts blogging. There are some more but those were only the major reasons I gathered from my friends. We will be conducting a survey to this issue later.

To answer this, I already made a post regarding blog goals or blog goal setting as well as choosing a blog niche.

My friends and I always go back to these basic questions every time we are starting a project like blog site or maybe a business venture.

What is Our Budget?

We always go back to this question.

In every endeavor like blogging (though some are free), we want to know our capital. In each steps of attaining our goals, there are price that comes with it. How far our budget could lead us?

So, we need to measure our steps, vis a vis, with our budget. We need to come to terms to what we can afford just for now. We need to pay for the layout or design (If you are technically gifted, there’s no problem, or some friends are willing to help, pro bono, ha ha!). We need to pay some cash for some site features, the blog platform itself and the domain.

What are the Programs available for us?

It is good to note some lists of available programs/platforms. We need to know the capability and viability of programs that are available for now. We need also to know the future capabilities of programs in our choices.

What Platforms Others are Using?

This question is very important to answer. We could always compare programs according to their usage as well as their popularity and affordability. People will not use it if this is not good for them. Of course, we need to intuitively know the visions of every program if these goals fit with our goals.

Are We Technically Capable?

Of course, even with a good platform, we always question ourselves if we are technically capable/ready of using that platform. Or, are there people who are capable to use that program/platform? Or, are there gadgets/equipments available and affordable at hand for that platform?

These are 5 questions we usually answered while making decision for blog platform. How about you? Do have any good idea? Let us know.

Thank you for your time.

I appreciate very much if you could drop some comments below.