I have noticed that for about two months, my blog is receiving posts that I did not even subscribed at. And it is now annoying. It dampens the credibility that I am trying to project here. Though, sometimes, I syndicated some free articles, I never wanted having two liners populating my blog as well as my feeds.

Since I started this blog, I already subscribed to its feeds so that I could also monitor how my blog's feeds look like when my subscribers received them. And annoyingly, two liner posts are populating my feeds. I am wondering how this happens because I never submitted my blog to any autoblogging platform.

Thus, I am appealing for some patience from you. I am working on it and I hope I could get rid of these two liner posts soon.

Another down effect of these spam posts is that I have to delete them. And I think Google doesn't want a blog that constantly deleting its posts. (Sigh)