My experiences working with a conventional co-operative-- which primary concern is helping the poor having decent savings through loans, that is, giving them additional capital to start or prop up their businesses -- gave me a hard earned lesson that it takes to build a business that earns a profit.

Having with me an on-time loan monitoring system as well as the progress indices of borrowers, I understand that successful people are those people who invested time and money early in their lives. I know this is a very simplistic view and it doesn't work always but I've seen successful people who are investing now and reaping all fruits in the near future. I've experienced this also myself. Don't be afraid to invest today. You have all the future to gain.

How about you? Do you really believe that investing time, money and efforts today are the tickets to earning big in the future?

For more realistic example, someone has to invest in education before getting all its fruits like having an established work or a sustainable business, may it be, offline or business online.

Having that said, I think it is unrealistic to expect someone with no or little knowledge of marketing, advertising, and building a business get money online quickly. There are lot of programs out there promising thousands of earning using no skill at all. As I am searching and re-searching ways of making money online and working at home, those rich quick schemes are scams. Don't be a victim.

Don't be alarmed, though, if you have a little knowledge on marketing, advertising, and building an offline or online business. You don't need a degree on marketing and advertising to have a business. While it is always an advantage having some decent education, making money online or having a home based business is not the domain of those learned individuals. Just look to where your passion is.

If you are WAHM and you need to be with your kids, just stick to what you loved the most, improve it and look for a good affiliate program to compliment it while you are working for it online. If you are not working online, look for company within your area that could help you earn money doing things you passionately loved. But, if you are really decided to earn extra money online, there are affiliate marketing programs that offer online guidelines and trainings on how non-marketing people will succeed using their affiliate marketing program. Invest your time first and invest money later.

One is SFI. SFI requires new affiliates to undergo a 30 days free-online training to prepare them to become successful affiliates using SFI's affiliate marketing platform. SFI is not MLM nor Ponzi Scheme.

Are you satisfied being an employee? Or are you dreaming to owning a good business?

For more motivations, just look for Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant and you will see the differences between employee and business owner, and between self-employed and investor.

Employee and self-employed people trade time for money or I will say: I am being payed because I worked regularly within the required working hours. Employee like me are motivated oftentimes with salary increases and oftentimes, have learned to reduce expenses to earn more.

On the other hand, business owners and investors learn how to concentrate their efforts and money up front, and are receiving larger returns in the future as their investments are leveraged and compounded. These people are earning money for things they did maybe, some weeks ago or some several months or years ago. They invested their time, money and efforts building businesses that give them earnings in the future. They have the right to say: "I am earning even while I am asleep."

Mostly of these successful investors are willing to pass their enthusiasm on to others. Learn from them.

I want to be like them and I supposed you also want to be like them, too.

Patience and great mindsets-- these could be ever-changing mindsets, open minds that see things as they grew -- are essentials to become successful online and offline.

Let us go back to the example of affiliate program that I mentioned above. As an SFI sponsor, my challenge is to find a way to pass along some of this knowledge and experience to my affiliates who have dreams of building home businesses but lack the knowledge and skills to make them happen.

And joining SFI and promoting EyeEarn helps me making this potential become a reality.

I always believed and hope that my efforts will be rewarded in the future. It has to succeed because that is the only outcome I will accept. That gives me the fortitude to weather problems and find ways around obstacles that would have otherwise defeated me several times over the last few years. Of course, I have to accept that it takes some times before payouts and there will be downturns along the way.

Are you bored waiting for that elusive returns? Patience is a virtue.

Take the case of our co-operative's members-borrowers, there are people who become successful because they never fail to persevere and never afraid to borrow money and invest it with their passion. There are also who failed in their businesses because they did not fully used their borrowed capital to their businesses and have been half-hearted working on and running their businesses along the way when they met that expected downturns.

Successful people are those people who never give up and those people who knew that payouts are not immediate and that earnings will come along the way. Keep banging that slot machine.

Most importantly: act on your dream, and pass your enthusiasm on to others!

TODAY, start investing for the FUTURE by joing us at STRONG FUTURE INTERNATIONAL.

Or by signing up at the side bar for future business opportunities. There is no harm giving a chance to your PASSION. Afterall, it is free. You need only your time to learn the ropes.

Can you now predict your future?

Don't ask me that question. I've seen it with SFI.

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