Niche Selection Process

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Are you decided with your niche? Read this.

If you happened to be a visitor of this site for quite some time now, you probably noticed that the way we are posting here is arranged step by step like a chronicle. As you may find above, in my site’s description, Money & Work @ Home chronicles ways of Earning Money in Just a Click.

For those who are new, you may find these links valuable.

1. Reasons Why You Start Blogging
2. Talent is the Key, Attitude is the Driving Force
3. Mind Setting
4. Brainstorming
5. Life of Strategic Blogging
6. Developing Proactive Mindsets Part 1 & Part 2
7. Choosing Your Niche Part 1 & Part 2

I also discussed an amazing site that creates Starting Points of Site that Sells.

Even if you’ve already chosen a niche and not yet totally convinced by Ken Evoy of Site Build It!, I recommend that you will read Ken Evoy’s free Affiliate Masters Course (see the downloadable files at my site’s side bar) and use his excellent advice in finding and choosing a niche that suits your interests.

It is better that you print it and use every best ideas you will find there. Take your time. It is your business. So, don’t rush it.

At this juncture, we will analyze your niche listings. I supposed you have a list already. If not, try to go back some posts and make your list.

Know Your Potential Competitors

Knowing your competitors gives you an edge of your chosen niche or it may caution you to give a second look at your niches’ list. Here is how to do it.

1. Go to your Yahoo or Google Search bar and type your major keywords.
2. Use one or two keywords or use them in combination.
3. Make a list of the Top 10 sites (Get their respective URL also)

I used the "butterfly farming" as an example niche here and also as keywords.

Know the PageRank of Your Competitors

PageRank is a system used by Google to help determine a web page's relevance or importance. Visible PageRank - a number from 1 to 10 and displayed in the Google toolbar - is updated only every few months. It is a rough approximation of REAL PageRank, which is constantly updated. A site has no PageRank, their pages have.

Open (it’s free). Types the URL of the top site in your list, clink Inlinks, then choose not to include the site. Browse the results. Try again the next URLs.

It is better to know how far your competitors are in your niche. Note the number of Inlinks and who are linking with them. Take note also the number of pages they have. These data will give you an idea how you can topple them if you want to compete in that niche.

Try to visit the sites, note their template designs, menus, tags, descriptions, their site’s functionality, etc.

Know Your Income

If you think you need to look for another niche, then go back to the first step using your next niche in your list. But, if you are decided to stick to your niche, then, we will analyze your keywords average searches and monetization using the

Type your keywords at the input field, and then click ‘Get Keyword Ideas’. You will see there the average global monthly search volume, local monthly search volume and average competition.

Using these data, you will know how big your niche is, the traffic in it as well as the competition. Remember that you need to put quality contents in your site to drive traffic to it.

Your niche should have at least a minimum of 2000 search volume or more. Competition should be high average, average or lesser. Very high average competition is a crowded niche.

Look for the lookup field ‘Choose Columns to Display’ and select ‘Show Estimated Average CPC’. Look for the lookup field ‘Calculate estimates using a different maximum CPC bid’ then put the currency and the amount you want and then click, ‘Recalculate’.

In this, you will know the total Cost Per Click of your ads. This data will give you an estimate of how much you will earn in that niche. Often topics that have expensive keywords are very competitive. You may do better choosing a less competitive niche with cheaper keywords.

Of course there are some topics that Google will not allow you to put ads like tobacco related topics. See the complete list at

If you are convinced of using SiteBuild It to build your site, you'll find the brainstorming tool in it awesome to help you come up with ideas and phrases you wouldn't have thought. Try it!

Research Affiliate Programs for Your Niche

Oooopppps! Don’t dive for your niche. You need to research first if there are products for your chosen niche. Make an effort researching them.

Thank you for your time.

I appreciate very much if you could drop some comments below.


  1. eli // May 25, 2009 at 7:32 PM  

    ka loren, thanks for the info! ano kaya ang niche ko? hehe

  2. FBLorenzana // May 25, 2009 at 7:59 PM  

    Digital graphics, he he he. Subukanmo ang process, baka makatsamba ka.